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Overseas education orientation

Identify overseas education suitability, navigate landscape of preferred countries, courses and colleges, explore personal and professional opportunities, learn about stories of success & failure, understand planning & decision making parameters. The ideal time for orientation is immediately after class 8th.

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Overseas career planning

Career planning helps students to identify suitable careers and prepare for them. It is designed for students from of class 8th onwards. Students identify career pathways in which they shall flourish.

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Overseas education planning

Shortlist destinations, understand academic, extra-curricular and behavioural profile to build, understand qualifying examinations, estimate financing needs, prepare quarterly milestone based plan from start till you get college admission. Immediately after orientation and career planning, you should opt for this.

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Overseas education preparation

Prepare for examinations and build your profile according to the quarterly milestone plan. Through an extensive partner network, you build your readiness for admissions to identified colleges

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Admission & transfer process management

Education financing advice, Application preparation and submission, VISA process management, accommodation suggestions, alumni network support.

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  • Resources that you get

  • Recommended countries, available colleges and courses, high level competition and cost parameters, overview of job and immigration opportunities, overview of community and quality of life, growth and well-being resources.

  • You understand your skills in multiple dimensions. Various career paths require varying proficiencies in different skills.

  • Destination specific milestones, milestone completion requirement and resources

  • Destination specific admission process, pre-requisites, milestones, accommodation options, alumni contacts