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Universal Career Explorer (8th-12th)

It help students careers,streams and higher education roadmap.UCE takes a multi-dimensional approach for career exploration, based on key psychometric and cognitive parameters.You get an 11 page report with detailed analysis of the child, careers & roles to explore and education required. Optional package includes up-to 2 counselling sessions with trained counsellors, who explain the report in detail, clear any doubts and also work on any barriers.

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Quick Career Explorer (Class 3rd - 7th)

It is designed to guide career exploration process of the child. A minimalistic approach of evaluating psychological well-being, general intelligence as well as multiple intelligences is taken. Report includes child’s psychological well-being, general intelligence, multiple intelligence, inferred career interests, domain & stream recommendations as well as subject streams.This solution also comes with optional counselling sessions.

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Career Aptness Test (Class 1st - 2nd)

Quick, two dimensional assessment of potential career paths for child. Highly accurate and stable characteristic identification that remain valid over the life-span. This short assessment is suitable for both an initial career orientation as well as a starting point for more comprehensive, multi-dimensional and highly effective career awareness solutions.

Career Building support

Prepare for entrance exams, get college admission handholding as well as education financing advice. Through extensive partner network, we ensure reliable, high-quality service.

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  • What you get

  • You understand yourself thoroughly by becoming aware of your personality, interests, values, learning styles and emotional quotient. This is crucial in career path identification.

  • You understand your skills in multiple dimensions. Various career paths require varying proficiencies in different skills.

  • You get very crisp analysis (document & video format) relevant to career identification. You also get very specific recommendations of suitable careers & their educational requirements.

  • For suitable careers, you get detailed educational roadmaps – subjects in high school, UG and PG along with special courses. You also get college recommendations based on the preparation requirements and fees.

  • This service guides students about entrance exams for the identified colleges and education, helps them with college admissions as well as guidance on education financing. This service ensures that you gain required education to build the identified career.